Care Instructions

Silver jewelry:


Silver oxidizes naturally with air and humidity. In order to avoid this happening to your silver jewelry, keep it in a closed bag and clean occasionally with a special cloth to keep the silver shiny.


Gold plated jewelry:


The gold patina tends to disappear over time. It’s a normal phenomenon. However, it can be minimized by taking care of your jewelry.  

It is therefore strongly advised to avoid its contact with perfumes and make-up and to remove your jewelry when sleeping, swimming or doing sports.  


Porcelain jewelry:


Porcelain jewelry is unique, as it is crafted and hand-painted with liquid gold. Although it is quite robust, protect it from falling and avoid bumping or scraping it as that may deteriorate its surface. It can be cleaned with soapy water, including the gold parts.


For all your jewelry:


Store each piece of jewelry, individually, in a closed pouch.