portrait of Photyne

Photyne creates jewelry that reflects her outlook on the world, a woman whose imagination is nourished by her journeys, encounters and reveries.

Her childhood, spent between France and Greece, is marked by her grand-mother; a restless traveler, married to a captain, who visited the whole world and shared with Photyne her memories and experiences. But not only… she used to bring back various curiosities from each stopover; precious stones in particular: pearls from Japan, emeralds from Colombia, aquamarines from Brazil that she mounted in modern and unique jewelry pieces. This grandmother, after whom she is named, transmitted to her the taste for colors, shapes and materials and the love of creation. Her heritage is the foundation of Photyne’s universe and inspiration.

After she obtained a degree in International Law, Photyne attended Art History classes and moved to Athens. There, she held various executive positions with several major cosmetic and fashion retailers. In parallel, she travelled across the world and became passionate about the local crafts and traditions she discovered.

It seemed natural to Photyne, after 16 years devoted to learning from others, to finally settle down in France and pursue her own passion of creating. It is the collaboration with the finest French craftsmen that will turn her love of beauty and attention to detail into refined jewelry.

Revisiting the use of traditional techniques, enriching them with a modern twist, Photyne combines the rough and the precious to draw a casually elegant allure. Her collections, where past and present are mixed with originality, magnify each personality and reveal it in the absolute lightness of her jewelry.